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Faculty of Music and Performing Arts
Tuesday, March 12, 2024 | 5 PM
MU Hall, Music and Performing Arts Center

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1. Bamboo Language

Hu Yu lin - Composer

Wen Lei - Zhudi (Chinese Flute)
Pakorn Kalapakornchai - Piano


Music is one of the beautiful languages to express our story of life. Historically, the Chinese bamboo flute is an ancient musical instrument that has precipitated the aesthetic essence of Chinese culture for several thousand years. Its sound is clear and bright, mellow, and rich in expressive force, and it strongly inherits ethnic and custom. The zhudi, or dizi, is a bamboo flute in Chinese traditional music. One of the defining characteristics of the instrument is the use of dimo – a thin membrane covering one of the holes. This membrane vibrates when the flute is played, giving the di a piercing and extremely bright tone color. The dimo can be replaced with plastic or fabric tape, which significantly dulls and darkens the color tone.

For this recital, Mr.Wenlei, a Zhudi player, is interested in the beautiful music "Bamboo Language." The music was composed by Hu Yu Lin in 2008 based on Chinese traditional music, which was divided into four variations: loose, slow, medium, and fast. This music was inspired by North-Western musical elements, originally from a song for singing. The music writing consisted of advanced techniques and high skills for Zhudi players, such as finger-snapping, broken spitting with mouth, and throat techniques to express the meaning of the Bamboo language.

2. Hongyan

(The Geese in the Sky)

Liao Weiyi - Vocal

Wen Lei - Zhudi (Chinese Flute)
Pakorn Kalapakornchai - Piano


Hongyan, or the given name the Geese in the sky, is a Mongolian folk song usually performed on stage. The song's meaning describes the vibe between the autumn and winter seasons when geese are flying to the south, time flies, and the past passes. The melody shows the perception of life by cherishing the beauty of today. This song was written by Lv Yanwei and musically composed by Erna Band. For the first MUPA Recital, the song Hongyan will be performed by Liao Weiyi in the Chinese folk singing style and accompanied by the Zhudi, a traditional Chinese musical instrument by Wen Lei.

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3. Mein herr marquis 

Zirong Zhang - Vocal
Pakorn Kalapakornchai - Piano


Mein herr marquis or Adele's Laughing Song is a part of the operetta Die Fledermaus by Johann Strauss II. The story is about Adele, the maid, who steals her mistress's dress to attend a ball and makes a big show of it. The Marquis, who happens to be present, notices how much Adele looks like his maid. So, Adele cleverly maneuvered and mocked the Marquis.

Mein Herr Marquis was musically composed by Johann Strauss, with lyrics written by Carl Haffner, Richard Genee, Henri Meilhac, and Ludovic Halevy, and is featured on the album Strauss: Die Fledermaus

4. Laopan

(The piece of Ranad Ek solo)


Santi Udomsri - Re-arranger

Natdanai Vichadech - Ranad Ek


Laopan is one of the most famous Thai traditional songs, with a joyful and sweet expression. It consists of various songs in the Laos musical dialect, usually arranged for the solo performance of different instruments; one of those is Ranat Ek. This version of Laopan was arranged by Master Prasong Phinphat and rearranged by Santi Udomsri. 

Ranad ek 
Natdanai vichadech

Klong Kaek
Kunanon chanarod
Akrit homsuwaan

Rungsalid klinhom

Ching chap krab mhong
Thipkanya rattanaprathum
Kanokwan kwanmon
Vasu sukrak
Ponpan Sittichaiwong

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5. Dunhuang Impression

Wen Lei - Zhudi (Chinese Flute)

Akarapon  Dejwajaranon - Clarinet
Pakorn Kalapakornchai - Piano


Dunhuang music, with high historical, artistic, and cultural value, is essential to ancient Chinese music culture. As the intersection of China's old Silk Road, Dunhuang's unique geographical location and historical background gave birth to this special charm of music. Dunhuang music has absorbed the influence of Han music, Western music, India, Persia, and other cultures to form its unique musical art style.

Dunhuang Impression was created in 2023. The music's creation fully absorbs Dunhuang music's unique musical vocabulary. Also, it integrates the cultural heritage and profound spiritual connotation of the contemporary Chinese nation. The music has a graceful melody and a magnificent and passionate movement, presenting the unique style of the ancient Chinese Silk Road and reflecting the majestic atmosphere of Chinese national music.

With its unique music style, rich connotation, and diverse forms of expression, Dunhuang Impression shows us the brilliance and grandeur of Chinese music. Through the innovation and inheritance of the Dunhuang Impression music works, everyone can better understand and appreciate the excellence of Chinese folk music and experience the cultural exchange and typical beauty across time and space. This musical creation was composed and performed by Wen Lei to be premiered in this MFA MUPA Recital 2024 in collaboration with Assistant Professor. Dr. Akkarapon Dejwacharanon.

Multi-disciplinary and Improvisation

Ladda Kongdach - Performer/Director

Tanarach Anukul - Electronic Music
Akarapon  Dejwajaranon - Clarinet

Weerawat  Sermsri - Tapone

Manop  Kedpradit - Lighting Designer


What are you afraid of forgetting? The fears of forgetting often center around the memories we hold dear and wish to preserve in our hearts. This performance will encourage you to delve into and explore what you desire to remember. Feel free to feel your memories during the performance and memo them through your body.

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See, you must have something you like to eat!

See, you must have something you like to eat!

See, you must have something you like to eat!

See, you must have something you like to eat!

See, you must have something you like to eat!

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Nadhanant Uaesilapa

Artistic Director


Tanapon Pinkaew



Kittipan Chittep

Project Manager



Project Operator


Manop Kedpradit

Production / Lighting Designer


Tanapon Pinkaew

House Manager


Suthasinee Boonkor

Graphic Designer and BUU TICKET

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